Aluminum 2014

For customers who need an aluminum product with strength, machinability and welding capabilities, Aluminum Alloy 2014 is an excellent option. It is a precipitation hardening alloy that maintains strength after heat treatment, which should be performed at 935°F and followed by a water quench.

Aluminum Alloy 2014 can be machined best in the annealed condition. Any welding should be conducted using inert gas consumable electrode arc methods with alloy 2014 or alloy 2017 filler rods. When welding, it is important to arrange fixturing for minimum strain to avoid cracking.

The chemical composition of Aluminum Alloy 2014 falls within the following parameters:

  • Cu 3.9-5.0%
  • Mn .40-1.2%
  • Mg .20-.80%
  • Fe .50%
  • Si .50-.90%
  • Zn .25%
  • Cr .10%
  • Ti .15%

Most commonly used for truck frames and aerospace structures, this material is primarily available in coil form, but it’s also offered in bars, wire, shapes, and forging products.

Continental Steel and Tube Company sells aluminum that meets or exceeds the industry’s most stringent standards.  The Alloy 2014 we offer meets all appropriate ASTM, DIN, MIL, QQ, SAE, and UNS specifications. For more information about Aluminum Alloy 2014 or any of the other premium alloys we offer, please contact us today.

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