Aluminum 7475

Aluminum Alloy 7475, derived from Aluminum 7075, provides excellent toughness for a broad variety of applications. This alloy offers several metalworking options that include machining, forming, and heat treating.

For machining, Aluminum Alloy 7475 functions best in the annealed condition and should be used with oil-based lubricants. It is also most easily formed in the annealed condition, as its hardened state results in spring-back.

Alloy 7475 also works well for conventional cold working. Operations such as spinning are possible if the alloy is warmed to 250°F.

The chemical composition of Aluminum Alloy 7475 falls within the following parameters:

  • Cu 1.2-1.9%
  • Mn .06%
  • Mg 1.9-2.6%
  • Fe .12%
  • Si .10%
  • Zn 5.2-6.2%
  • Cr .18-.25%
  • Ti .06%

This alloy is typically available in flat rolled products, and it is widely used for applications that require high strength, including planes and other aerospace assemblies.

All alloys distributed by Continental Steel and Tube Company meet or exceed the industry’s most exacting standards, including UNS A97475. To learn more about Aluminum Alloy 7475 or any of the other metals we distribute, please contact one of our experts today.

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