Aluminum 2219

Aluminum Alloy 2219, an age-hardenable alloy is produced with a copper additive.  It is well-known for its excellent structural strength and it’s used for numerous high temperature applications.  It is a suitable alloy for many metalworking processes including machining, forming, heat treatment, cold working, and more.

The chemical composition of Aluminum Alloy 2219 includes:

  • Cu 5.8-6.8%
  • Mn .20-.40%
  • Mg .02%
  • Fe .30%
  • Si .20%
  • Zn .10%
  • Zr .10-.25%
  • Ti .02-.10%

This alloy was not designed for hot working; it is best used for cold working and is machinable in the annealed condition. Hot working and welding adversely affect this alloy’s ability to resist corrosion.

If welded or hot worked,  this alloy must be heat treated to restore corrosion resistance. Heat treatment can be performed at 1000 °F, followed by a cold water quench.

Some of Aluminum Alloy 2219’s common applications include structural components for harsh, high temperature environments, as well as higher strength weldments. As a raw material, it is available in flat rolled products, forging products, and shapes.

Our alloys meet or exceed the industry’s toughest standards, including all applicable AMS, ASTM, MIL, QQ, and SAE applications, and more. To find out more about this alloy or the wide range of other options available from Continental Steel and Tube Company, please contact us directly.

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