Aluminum 6262

Aluminum 6262 is a free-machining alloy that offers users outstanding mechanical strength and good resistance to corrosion. Aluminum 6202 is heat treatable and due to the addition of bismuth is easily machinable.

Anodizing raises the levels of corrosion resistance and with high-speed tooling you can achieve a smooth finish. Welding of Aluminum 6202 is achieved through gas, arc, and resistance methods. The most common tempers of Aluminum 6202 are T6 and T9.

To be considered Aluminum 6202, an alloy must have a certain chemical composition that includes:

  • Al balance
  • Mg 0.8-1.2%
  • Cu 0.4-1.4%
  • Cr 0.20% max
  • Mn 0.15% max
  • Zn 0.25% max
  • Ti 0.15% max
  • Pb 0.7% max
  • Bi 0.7% max
  • Fe 0.7% max

Aluminum 6262 is found in a number of different commercial and industrial applications such as:

  • Screw machine products
  • Camera parts
  • Oil line fittings
  • Valves
  • Couplings
  • Nuts
  • Marine fittings
  • Hinge pins
  • Appliance fittings
  • Decorative hardware

Continental Steel offers Aluminum 6262 in a variety of forms including bar. As with all the alloys available from Continental Steel , our supplies of Aluminum 6262 meets a variety of industry standards including ASTM, SAE, QQ, and UNS. To find out more about Continental Steel’s selection of Aluminum 6262, please contact one of our experts directly.

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