Aluminum 6013

Aluminum 6013 is a wrought alloy that offers high strength, and excellent compressive properties. The formability and corrosion resistance of Aluminum 6013 are also outstanding.

The stress cracking resistance and weldability of Aluminum 6014 are highly rated and it is age-hardenable. It is often sold in the T4 condition and can be aged to the T6 condition.

Thanks to its positive attributes, Aluminum 6013 is highly sought after for a number of critical industrial and commercial applications including:

  • Valves
  • Machine parts
  • Munitions
  • ABS braking systems
  • Hydraulic applications
  • Roller blade parts
  • Military and civilian aircraft parts

The unique chemical composition of this versatile aluminum must include the following:

  • Al 94.8-97.8%
  • Mg 0.80-1.2%
  • Si 0.60-1%
  • Cu 0.60-1.1%
  • Mn 0.20-0.80%
  • Fe 0.50% max
  • Zn 0.25% max
  • Cr 0.10% max
  • Ti 0.10% max

Continental Steel offers Aluminum 6013 in a variety of sizes and shapes including both sheet and plate. All of the Aluminum 6013 we sell meets all the applicable specification including those from AMS and QQ. If you believe Aluminum 6013 might be perfect for your next project, please contact one of Continental Steel’s experts today.

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